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Kot Religious Scholars Declared Jihad against ISIS Militants in Nangarhar

Huge number of the religious scholars, local residents of Kot district of Nangarhar province in gathering has declared Jihad against Islamic State of Iraq-Syria (ISIS) militants who decapitated several residents of the following district and burned dozen houses last year. The Ulema chief district Mawlawe Mohammad Amin said, “We as …

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CEO Assures Helmand Will Not Collapse

Afghanistan Chief Executive Officer, (CEO) Abdullah Abdullah has assured that the Helmand province will not fall to militant groups. After evaluating the security situation of Helmand province, CEO noted that the war strategy in Helmand has not been changed and the Taliban group has failed in war against Afghan security …

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Heavy Snow Falls Created Severe Problems: CEO

The Afghanistan Chief Executive Officer, (CEO) Abdullah Abdullah during the Ministerial weekly council meeting confirmed that heavy snow falls have created severe problems for the residents in some provinces of Afghanistan, despite of measurements were taken to help and assist the recent heavy snow falls underestimated our efforts. He said, …

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