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Andarabi,Sarjang cases underway review: Azizi

Officials in Afghanistan Supreme Court have stated that the joint committee members are reviewing both the Maidan Wardak police chief Khalilullah Andarabi and former Helmand police chief cases closely. Military experts have stated that poor intelligence within the security departments has caused that the Afghan security forces turn to Taliban …

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BF Ramadan aid convoy reaches to Takhar

Continuing to the Bayat Foundation’s Ramadan aid distributions, this time the foundation has covered needy families in Takhar province. Representative of the Bayat Foundation in north-eastern zone says that these aids include 7 items of nutritious food for the children that will be ongoing until the end of the holy …

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Reformation in Election system is a must: Abdullah

Chief executive of National Unity Government Abdullah Abdullah has said reformation in Election system is a must, discussion continues over the following issue, giving the fact that reformation within the Election system in the country will draw the Afghan Nation’s trusts. Reformation in Election system has been the desire of …

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