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Carter in his Visit to Kabul Insists on Fighting against Terrorism

(Last Updated On: February 21, 2015)


US Defense Minister Ashton Cater during his visit to Afghanistan Kabul city with Afghan officials has insisted on fighting against terrorism and extremism.

Carter said,” his Government is committed to continue supporting Afghan Government on combating terrorism.”

President Ghani While visiting US Defense Minister has talked about the new and recent imitative of his Government over peace talk process.

US Defense Minister Ashton Carter said, “Counter terrorism of course will be continuing preoccupation and commitment or ours here and everywhere , where that needs to done and we are discussing and re-think the details of counter terrorism mission and how the environment has changed here with respect of terrorism since we laid out our first plan that is important consideration for US President as he thinks about few years discusses them with President Ghani they reached their views about what we are gonna do its rethinking of counter terrorism mission is part of the discussions that both presidents having next month.”

Resident Ghani though doesn’t name any groups still expressed his concerns over the some new and fresh threats in the country,he insisted that no significant efforts were made for peace talks for the past 13 years therefore my Government has adopted new measurements for ensuring peace within the country.”

We face new threats ,terrorism is a high threat for Afghan-US Governments our goal is to create peace and stability to have initiatives within the region our efforts are underway to be key country connecting other countries in the region stated President Ghani.

Mr. Carter added that President Obama has been reviewing several options for equipping Afghan security forces, strengthening the Afghanistan security strategy and probably changing the date of withdraw of the US troops from Afghanistan.

President Ghani is supposed to visit US in coming future and will talk over the needs of his Government with US counterpart Barak Obama.

Reported by Ahmad Farshad Saleh

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