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Car Bomb Hits Bagram Air Base

(Last Updated On: December 11, 2019)

An explosion took place close to Bagram military base in Bagram district of Parwan province, local sources said on Wednesday morning.

According to Parwan Police Chief Mohammad Mahfoz Walizada, the incident happened at around 5:50 am on Wednesday morning when an explosive-laden vehicle went off in Jan Qadam village of Bagram Province near to Bagram airfield.

The number of assailants is said to be at least six people, four of which entered the Korean Hospital after the explosion and started shooting the Air Base where foreign militants were present, Ariana News reporter said.

An Afghan army Commander told Ariana News that the air and ground operation is ongoing to kill the remaining three assailants.

Meanwhile, Abdul Shokoor Qudoosi, Bagram’s district chief said that the military base wall was destroyed in the explosion, and gunfire can be heard in the area.

Local officials said, at least one woman was killed and around 62 local residents were wounded. 

However, he did not provide further details regarding the causalities of foreign forces. 

The Taliban militant group in a statement has claimed responsibility for the attack.

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