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Taliban’s Attack in Kandahar; Around 100 People Killed, Injured

(Last Updated On: July 18, 2019)

A car bomb went off around 4:30 pm on Thursday near to the internal gate of Kandahar’s Police Commanding Directorate.  

The local officials say that first, a car bomb went off in the southern gate of the police Commanding Directorate and then two armed attackers started clashes with the security forces, trying to enter to the compound.

Meanwhile, the eyewitnesses of the incident say that the armed attackers are inside the compound and are in clash with the security forces.

‌Baheer Ahmadi, the Spokesperson of Kandahar’s Governer, says that at least 99 people have been killed and injured as the result of the incident. 

According to him, 80 civilians and 3 militaries are among the wounded people. 

He adds that 11 people have been killed; 9 of them are civilians and 2 others are police soldiers. 

He adds that three of the killed people are civilians and three others are militaries.

The Taliban group a statement has claimed the responsibility for the attack.

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