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Candidates Warn of Rejecting New Biometric Devices

(Last Updated On: June 26, 2019)

Presidential candidates on Wednesday warned to reject the usage of biometric system in the upcoming election if the Independent Election Commission (IEC) fails to provide enough assurances.

The candidates insisted that if IEC fails to provide assurance regarding the validity of the devices it will be the recurrence of the previous election’s challenges.

“Now that the commission is going to buy new devices, the officials should clear up what the differences are between the new biometric devices compared with the old ones,” said Sheida Mohammad Abdali, a presidential candidate.

For the first time, IEC experienced the usage of the biometric technology in the previous elections back in October 2018; however, this experience of IEC is considered unsuccessful.

According to the experts, repeating the same failed experience in the upcoming presidential election IEC will create a crisis in the country.

“If the commission uses the biometric devices the same as it used in the parliamentary elections in 2018, another crisis will be created in the country,” said Dawood Ali Najafi, a former IEC official.

However, IEC says that it has purchased different biometric devices and software to ensure transparency in the upcoming presidential election.

“The new biometric software has been designed by the mutual technical team of the commission and the United Nations,” said Chief of the IEC Secretariat.

The IEC is supposed to use the biometric devices in the presidential election on Spetember28th.

In response to the criticisms, IEC says that this time the voting stickers are connected to the devices and, additionally, the votes’ results will be sent to IEC from across the country.

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