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Candidates optimistic on their joint sessions held

(Last Updated On: September 14, 2014)


After six regular days of political sessions held among the two presidential candidates now the Abdullah Abdullah campaigners have said,” there has been pretty good words over achieving some goals on establishing of National Unity Government exchanged in between the two contenders during a session held on Sunday.”

Meanwhile the Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai campaigners have said,” some good news to be published after coming days on achieving some agreements on Election.”

Both members of the candidates campaigners have confirmed that the candidates have come closer within their opinions to make some agreements on Election death lock and save the country from the disaster.

Earlier President Hamid Karzai had stated that after visiting both presidential candidates in last Saturday optimisms are seen in the words spoken by the two Election candidates.

However the Independent Election Commission IEC officials have said,” we will release the results for the second round of the presidential Election at the end of coming week hope we do not lose our hopes and wishes once again.”

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