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Candidates Criticize Recent Disorders in IEC

(Last Updated On: October 22, 2019)

A number of presidential candidates on Tuesday expressed their concerns regarding the vote counting process and the recent chaos in the Independent Election Commission’s (IEC) main office.

Presidential candidate Shahab Hakimi said that tensions between Ghani’s State-Builder campaign and Abdullah’s Stability and Partnership team have created obstacles in way of the election commission.

He added that postponement of the preliminary results will pave the ground for electoral frauds.

Faramarz Tamanna, another presidential candidates said the recent incidents in the IEC main office have raised questions regarding the process.

“IEC Chief Secretariat must handle its responsibilities as required. It should not work in favor of a specific candidate. There must be no repetition of the incident happened two nights ago,” Mr. Tamanna said.

In addition, he called on the authorities to refer those responsible for breaking the seal of IEC data center on Sunday night to the justice.

Latif Pedram, a third presidential candidate criticized the international community and IEC leadership for the recent challenges.

“It is a shame for the government, UNAMA and Americans. When will you learn? You didn’t learn how to organize an election during the last 20 years,” Mr. Pedram said.

Meanwhile, a commissioner of the IEC said on Tuesday that the process of data transferring from biometric devices into the main server has been stopped during the last one week.

“We received an official letter from Dermalog Company that no data has been transferred into the system during the last four days due to technical problems,” said Musafar Quqandi, a member of the IEC.

This comes after Abdullah’s team accused police of breaking the locks on election commission digital data center.

However, police rejected the allegations and said nothing illegal done.

Despite of Taliban’s repeated threats, Afghanistan’s presidential election took place on September 28.

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