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Campbell: Afghan forces stronger than armed Taliban

(Last Updated On: November 12, 2015)


General John F. Campbell, the current commander of the Resolute Support Mission and United States Forces—Afghanistan says that 80 % of Afghan Security Forces are in their stations in a defensive status rather than attacking to Taliban.

General Commander of the Resolute Support Mission said to consider Afghan troops stronger than the armed Taliban but also emphasized that there are imaginary soldiers in national and local police ranks.

“Eighty percent of Afghan security forces in their stations do not run military exercises and ambush the Taliban,” John Campbell said.

However, the ministry of national defense neither confirms and nor rejects the US general statements.

“There are imaginary soldiers in local and national police that their money and privileges are taken by commanders,” Campbell added.

General John F. Campbell says that this year’s fighting and battle season is not over and the war will continue in Kandahar, Helmand and Nangarhar; stressing Afghan troops for the first time will own a war aircraft up to the next two months and the process of transferring these bombers would continue up to the next three years.




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