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Campaigns Support ‘Delay in Timeline’ for Sake of Transparency

(Last Updated On: October 20, 2019)

The Independent Election Commission (IEC) has failed to set the exact date for announcing the preliminary results of elections.

This comes a day after IEC apologized to Afghan people for being unable to announce the election result based on its pre-scheduled timeline.

Raheema Zarifi, a member of the IEC on Sunday said that the assessments were ongoing to specify an accurate date to announce the results within the next couple of days.

Meanwhile, agents of frontrunner candidates and foreign diplomats emphasize that the delay is acceptable if it aims to bring more transparency.

“If it is not for a long-time we are not concerned,” said Daud Sultanzoy, an agent of Ghani’s “State-Builder” team said.

“Transparency is the most important matter for us,” said Younus Nawandish, an agent of Abdullah’s “Stability and Partnership” campaign.

Pierre Mayaudon, the Head of European Union delegation in Afghanistan has told that it is not a matter of concern if postponement happens to ensure transparency.

The U.S. Ambassador to Afghanistan wrote on Twitter late on Sunday that Washington supports IEC in fully implementing anti-fraud measures before announcing preliminary results.

“We agree it is better to release an accurate result instead of a rushed one. Urge all candidates to support the independence of the process,” Ambassador Bass tweeted.

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