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Campaign to fight illiteracy held in Kabul

(Last Updated On: April 7, 2016)


Simultaneously with announcing existence, the Afghan institutions under the name of “Women Coordination Network” have started a campaign against illiteracy of Afghan women in Kabul.

Officials of the network say that they will hold the campaign through all provinces of the country in coordination with the government institutions.

“The focus of our network is monitoring the government activities about promoting Afghan women,” Shahlah Amiri, member of  “Women Coordination Network” said.

The network tries to increase the rate of literacy among Afghan women in the current year; even remote districts of the country will be covered by this campaign.

In Afghanistan, billions are being spent every year on development and humanitarian assistance, but little long lasting change is possible without raising the literacy rate.

A quality basic education system that serves girls and boys equitably represents Afghanistan’s best chance of steering its way out of the storm that has raged there for more than three decades.

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