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Campaign Lunches against ‘Pharaohs’ with Black Tinted Windows

(Last Updated On: February 1, 2018)

After three deadly attacks in Kabul, a campaign has been launched against those people who are driving around the country with black tinted windows and no number plates.

“Dear Pharaoh, what are you carrying in your vehicle with dark glasses?” the slogan painted in the security walls in Kabul reads.

Kabul residents also express their concerns about vehicles with black tinted windows and no number plates that usually crosses all security checkpoints in the city without being inspected by police.

“People who are driving vehicles with black tinted windows are responsible for all these insecurities, they are carrying suicide attackers around the city,” said Bibi Aisha, a resident of Kabul city.

Farid Ahmad, another resident told Ariana News,” If they are good people, why they are not letting police to inspect their vehicles?”

Kabul city with worried people walking around seems very quite after a series of attacks in the last two weeks left more 100 people dead and more than 300 others wounded.

“For the sake of God, for the sake of Quran, please clean white your black windows so we can recognize our friend and foe” addressing to powerful figures and warlords, Mohammad Naim, a taxi driver said.

However, security officials warns that no one will be allowed to drive vehicles with black tinted windows anymore.

“From now onward we will not allow anyone to use illegal arms or use black tinted windows,” claimed Gen. Afzal Aman, commander of the Kabul Garrison, an elite unit of police and soldiers that is responsible for security in the capital.

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