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Budgetary Units Fail to Use Uplift Funds in Current Fiscal Year

(Last Updated On: December 23, 2017)

Simultaneously with the end of the 1396 fiscal year, 39 budgetary units have used less than 40 percent of its budget and 14 others have used more than 40 percent of funds allocated to them.

Ariananews finds a list which reveals the budgetary units have used less than 38 percent of their development budget.

Among them;

Central Statistics Organization used its budget less than 1 percent.

Environmental Protection Agency used less than 2 percent and the transport ministry used less than 17 percent.

“Unfortunately, the budgetary units failed to use their development funds this year,” said Muhammad Hashim, a Member of Parliament’s economic commission.

However, the Members of the lower house did not accept the performances of budgetary units.

“The reasons that units failed to use budgets are insecurity, corruption and lack of the plan,” said Sidiq Osmani, member of the financial committee of parliament.

This comes as the Ministry of Finance refused to comment regarding this issue.

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