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Budget for Next Fiscal Year to Be Discussed in Parliament Next Week

(Last Updated On: December 8, 2016)

bodeja__-8-12-2016-dari-sot-mpg_snapshot_00-33_2016-12-08_17-20-30The draft budget for the next solar and fiscal year will be discussed in financial commission and budget meeting of Parliament next week.

The financial commission of Parliament says balance has not been considered in next year’s draft budget, however, a number of Parliament members stress for its approval.

“Those ministries that spend most of their budget in the current year will receive less budget for the next year,” said Akbar Istanikzai, member of Parliament’s financial commission.

But, the Ministry of Finance says the balance has been considered in next year’s draft budget.

“The Consumption index of the past year in allocating the next year’s budget has been considered, any ministry that has a high spending graph will receive additional facilities,” said Ajmal Hamid Abdul Rahim Zai, chairman of the public relations and spokesman of finance ministry.

Previously, a number of parliament representatives have warned to not approve the draft budget unless president introduce the new ministers, but now some of them emphasize on its approval with the given current situation.

Less than twelve days remained to the end of the current fiscal year. Now it should be seen that what would the financial commission of parliament take decision regarding the issue.

Reported by Lida Neyazi

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