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Brussels terror suspect ‘had been jailed over Ahmad Shah Massoud assassination’

(Last Updated On: March 27, 2016)

massoudTuesday’s attacks in Brussels revealed that a terror suspect who was shot and held by police ‘had been jailed for seven years for helping Taliban assassinate Afghan leader two days before 9/11’, UK based Dailymail newspaper reported on Sunday.

Brussels police arrested terror suspect Abderaman Ameroud at a tram stop in Brussels and now it has emerged that he has been jailed for helping to assassinate Ahmed Shah Massoud, the National Hero of Afghanistan just days before 9/11, by two men posing as journalists.

According to the reports he was jailed for seven years in France in 2005 for providing logistical support for the killing of Afghan resistance leader Ahmed Shah Massoud who was a prominent leader in the north of the country and was named as the National Hero of Afghanistan later in the country.

Osama bin Laden is widely believed to have ordered Commander Massoud’s killing as a favour to the Taliban. Passports found on Massoud’s killers were linked to a Brussels-based militant cell run by Tarek Maaroufi.

The terror attacks in Belgium at Brussels Airport and a metro station in the city left 31 people dead and immediately after the incident Belgium police have launched wide operations to arrest the culprits.

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