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Brussels Conference Kicks off for Afghanistan Stability

(Last Updated On: October 5, 2016)

5Brussels conference on Afghanistan was held in Belgium where 100 country representatives, International Organizations have pledged $ 3,5 billion their financial aids for Afghanistan up to 2020.

In the conference Afghan President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani said,” combating corruption is our priority, corrupted figures will not have posts within the Afghan Government.”

President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani said,” Our firm believes that we can come over the past in our culture hospitality and friendship, You distinguished leaders of the International community have been our friends in the font of hope for the people, The International community offered our people a end to help lift us from the years of war fair poverty and quality, in a country that earns for its children to be educated, you have built schools, where life’s were filled with trauma, diseases and heartily deaths you have built clinics training our nurses and doctors.”

Mr. Ghani had entitled poverty as the huge challenge within his Government, appreciating the International community for their contribution on improving of the Afghan life

President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani said,” One of the regular challenge is poverty, as 39 percent of Afghans are earning lower one US dollar, this indicates that they eat two times in 24 hours, I really appreciate the International community contribution for Afghans, removing of poverty is one of our priorities.”

He went on and insisted that tackling corruption is the priority program, and efforts are underway against it.

President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani said,” in London conference we had announced to establish   Center of justice-Judicial combating corruption, I m not only pleased that was inaugurated but it began practical activities, one top officials in Ministry of Interior affairs who demanded $ 150 thousand dollar was arrested and executed publically.”

“ Our problem is corruption and who commits it, Terrorism doesn’t know borders, there is no difference between good and bad terrorists, the roots of problems in Afghanistan is coming from the regional countries, we are committed to unity, and negotiation, Afghans can do peace, we need to bring our troops together and move forward to fight against terrorism President Ghani in his statement on Brussels conference said,”

International community in Brussels conference have committed $ 3,5 billion for Afghanistan up to 2020 which will be spent on combating corruption, good Governance, equal growth, holding Election, improving of Women life and civil society.

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