Brussels Conference Counted Golden Opportunity for Afghanistan: Mps

(Last Updated On: October 5, 2016)

1Scores of law makers in the lower house of the parliament and economy experts have called Brussels conference on Afghanistan a golden opportunity for retrieving Afghanistan’s stability and safety, demanding the National Unity Government to launch necessary and required measurements on spending the International community aids to end up the country to become self-sufficient.

Law maker Ramazan Bashardost said,” The $ 3,5 Billion of the International community which will be provided given post 2020, I sure that internal and International robber’s pockets will be full, and it will assure their power once again, there will no mini changes within the life of Afghans and even I m afraid that there will be negative changes brought.”

Economy experts have insisted on having a transparent plan for spending the International aids for prosperity of the country, saying there is no capacity within the Governmental body to consume the aids therefore the private sectors should be involved on using the aids.

Expert economy Taj Mohammad Talash said,” Government should use the golden opportunity to enable the country to become self-sufficient by allowing the private sectors on plotting the economy programs to take Afghanistan out of the economy crisis.”

Meanwhile officials in Chamber of Commerce and Industry despite of welcoming the International community aids, still insisting on fighting against corruption.

Deputy of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Khan Jan Alkozai said,” The President of Afghanistan despite of other responsibilities, he should focus on growing the economy of the country, problems still exist but fight against corruption should be continued.”

In past 15 years Afghanistan leaders have received enormous amount of aids from the International community on building the country, but the Afghan officials have failed to meet the expectations of the International community where one of the major aims was to improve the life of Afghans.

Reported by Fawad Nassiri

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