Both Presidential Campaigners to Work on NUG

(Last Updated On: August 9, 2014)


One more day for Both Presidential campaigners to being practical work on the details of the National Unity Government, both campaigners have said,” debates ongoing over the establishment of technical working groups among the two Presidential campaigners.”

The Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai campaigners said, “The main discussions were the opportunity for the President adjuration and replying questions on National Unity Government NUG.”

However the Abdullah Abdullah campaigner’s technical member Fazil Ahmad Minawi said,” efforts are under way to work on the structure of the technical groups and both parties speeding up the process of the Presidential Election.”

The question remains whether the both Presidential campaigners to talk over posting of the Afghan high ranks.

Both technical members of the presidential candidates have insisted that our decisions will be based on the Afghanistan constitution and their main objects will be to have better understanding, collaboration and harmony of the both Presidential candidates, whether the conflicts and disputes not to be provoked again?

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