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Border Security Forces on full alert

(Last Updated On: May 29, 2014)


Frontier Corps Commander, in reaction to the firing of rockets from Pakistan towards Afghanistan has declared that the forces protecting the border are fully prepared to defend the country.

Mohammad Shafiq Fazly, Commander of the Frontier Corps said they were awaiting orders from the high command to respond to the firing from across the border.

“Afghanistan has over 5,700 Kms of common borders with neighboring countries, but more than 1000 Kms of it are not under the control of the border security forces.” said Fazly.

According to an announcement made by the Interior Ministry, Mir Naeem Haidari is the new commander of border areas in the North.

Mir Naeem Haidari spoke about the preparations for the second round of the Presidential Election and also stressed on border issues faced by the country.

Earlier, Mr. Haidari had been the Commander of Public Security forces in Balkh province.


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