Border Police Prevent Pakistani Forces to Build Fence along Durand Line

(Last Updated On: September 26, 2018)

Afghan border police in Kandahar have prevented the Pakistan forces to build fence at zero point of Durand Line in Shurabak district of the province, local officials said Tuesday.

The Provincial Police Spokesman Ahmad Zia Durrani said that Pakistani forces have not taken the move in coordination of the Afghan officials, and therefore, the security forces have prevented the Pakistani military to fence wire at zero point of the Durand Line in the province.

“There should be an agreement of Afghan authorities. Without having an accord they don’t have the right to build the fence in our territory. Our border forces will not allow anyone to invade on our homeland,” Durrani said.

Considering the move as illegal, Kandahar Provincial Council members, meanwhile, warned that if Pakistan forces continue to build the fence along the Durand Line, would face local residents’ resistance.

“I admire and support the response of the border forces’ action as a representative of the people,” said Attaullah Atta, a member of the provincial council.

This comes as Pakistani military officials insist that their fencing work along the Durand Line is aimed at improving security situation along the Pak-Afghan border.

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