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Blast in Kabul Hits Afghan MP’s Vehicle, 5 Injured

(Last Updated On: December 31, 2016)


On Wednesday, a heavy explosion in Kabul’s 6th Police District targeted the vehicle of Afghan Parliamentarian Fakoor Behishti. The explosion injured 5 people including Bahishti, his son, two of his body guards and one civilian.

The blast took place around 9:15 a.m., local time near the Al Azhar Mosque in Police District 6 of Kabul City, apparently as a result of IEDs placed under a mini-bridge.

The blast targeted Fakoor Behishti a member of Afghan parliament representing Bamyan Province.

Abdul Rauf Ibrahimi, Speaker of the Parliament, said that Mr. Behishti and his son were taken to the NDS hospital for medical treatment.

Eyewitnesses told Ariana News that the explosion wounded four people including Mr. Behishti, his driver, his bodyguard and a civilian.

Security forces cordoned off the area immediately after the blast. Police officials have not made a comment about the type and causalities of the incident.

No individual or group has claimed the responsibility of the attack.

Sayed Jamaluddin Fakoori Behishti is a member of Hizb-e Wahdat-e Islami Afghanistan and currently serves as the Parliamentary Representative for Bamyan Province. 

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