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Bio-Registration for e-NIC Resumes in ARG

(Last Updated On: March 4, 2018)

Bio registration for electronic Identity Card (e-NIC) resumed in Presidential Palace (ARG) after a week delay, the Population Registration Department said Sunday.

Rohullah Ahmadzai, Spokesman of the department said that 600 people including government officials have completed the biometric process and their names have been entered in the database.

The authority said that the process was delayed due to the inauguration of TAPI project in Herat and Kabul Process II conference in Kabul. 

The process resumed despite a dispute over term Afghan as nationality and Islam as religion in the new cards.

The Chief Executive office had said that the ID card rollout is an important national issue and it requires further discussion and attention. The office had stressed that a national consensus is required in this respect.

Known locally as eTazkira, a reference to the existing paper identity document has been delayed for years because of ethnic sensitivities.

Ahmadullah Alizai, former advisor to the president said that the e-ID card issue has provoked a schism between different ethnic groups in the country.

In parliament, the lawmakers have been divided into two separate parties, with some supporting the e-NIC rollout and some opposed to the process.

“This process should begin based on the law and I urge the government to respect the law and don’t be reluctant in the process,” said MP Helai Ershad.

Last December, a joint parliamentary commission approved a presidential decree to pave the way for the start of the process.

The decree by President Ashraf Ghani was issued to modify the controversial article 6 of the census law which prevented the launch of electronic national ID cards distribution since a long period of time.

The decree stated that the nationality of the ID card holders should be mentioned as Afghan while the religion should also be reflected in the card as Islam.

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