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Bilateral ties framework between China-Afghanistan should be specified

(Last Updated On: November 10, 2014)


Afghanistan and China should expand ties in fight against terrorism and the regional economic development, said former national security advisor.
Afghanistan former national security advisor, Dr. Spanta claimed that the level of practical cooperation between Afghanistan and China is negligible than the existing facilities.
Spanta noted that Afghanistan have many energy resources and is a good way to transport commodities but instead needs large investments.
According to him, terrorism prevents investments of countries of the world in Afghanistan.
In the meantime, China’s embassy in Afghanistan emphasized on strengthening ties in several sectors with Afghanistan.
Afghanistan’s strategic studies administration insisted that China has a supervisory role on issues related to Afghanistan.
Dawood Moradian, head of Afghanistan’s strategic studies administration said, “We want to specify the framework of bilateral ties between the two countries.”
Meawhile, Amrullah saleh, the leader of Afghanistan “Green Process” said that China should have a balanced view on what is going on in Afghanistan and Pakistan and it is in interest of the region that China has a strong tie with Afghanistan.
China has already promised Afghanistan millions in aid, and will additionally help finance Afghanistan’s burgeoning mining industry — a potential cash cow for a country rising out of over a decade of war.
China shares an extremely narrow border with Afghanistan. It takes an active interest in the events happening in Afghanistan and has focused its interaction with Afghanistan with a strategic view of economic engagement.



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