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BF Reconstructed Azadi High School Library

(Last Updated On: November 7, 2015)


Bayat Foundation has reconstructed the Azadi high school library and was let to be used for further activities.

Head of Bayat Foundation Eng, Ehsanollah Bayat has declared education is the foundation of a society and insisted on continuation of more supports in the future.

Meanwhile head of the Azadi High school entitled reading books is essential to students.

Bayat Foundation had promised to expand the reading space for the students, and after two months reconstruction the library will capacitate more students in one time.

Head of Bayat Foundation Eng,Ehsanollah Bayat has declared inaugurating ,reconstruction in education aspect is called big achievement.

He said,” I m so delighted to see such positive things taking place in Afghanistan education aspect, this makes the brains of students bright.”

Principal of the Azadi high school Abdul Basheer sadat said,” I would like to thank and appreciate the efforts of Bayat Foundation in reconstruction of library of our school.”

Bayat Foundation is one of the regular aiding foundations in Afghanistan which has built schools, mosques, bridges, distributed books, and inaugurated education centers in the capital and provinces which its supports will continue in the future.

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