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BF provides nutritious food, stationary for orphans in Nangarhar

(Last Updated On: March 5, 2016)


Bayat Foundation has provided nutritious food and stationary items for orphans in Imambokhari school located in east of the country Nangarhar province.

Deputy of Bayat Foundation Haji Mohammad Ismail said,” Bayat Foundation has provided some nutritious food and stationary for the orphans in Imambokhari School, we will continue to our assistance for other needy persons in Nangarhar province.”

Imambokhari School and orphanage is nourishing the orphans under the supervision of department of labor and social affairs.

Head of the department of labor and social affairs Abdul Hakim Sherzad said,” it’s a great honor that Bayat Foundation has visited the orphans and provided some food and stationary items.”

Meanwhile Nangarhar provincial council member Asrarullah Murad said,” We would like to thank Bayat Foundation for providing regular assistance for orphans, demanding Bf to continue to their assistance.

Orphan Nangialay has thanked Bayat Foundation for providing assistance, we kindly demand other Afghan businessmen to provide some necessary assistance for orphans.

Bayat Foundation has continued its assistance not only providing foods,but also has built a lot of schools, Hospitals, roads, and clinics.

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