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BF Opens Rehabilitation, Disability Hospital After Reconstructing

(Last Updated On: July 23, 2015)

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The Bayat Foundation (BF) opened the women’s section of Rehabilitation and Disability Hospital after equipping and reconstructing the hospital.

During the opening ceremony of the hospital, the chairman of Bayat Foundation, Engineer Ehsanullah Bayat said, “Beside reconstructing hospitals, the Bayat Foundation have build fifteen hospitals where more than a million mother and child were treated.”

Mr. Bayat passionately believes in the long-term goal of establishing an economically independent, wealthy Afghanistan, inhabited by a prosperous, happy populace.

“Helping mothers and children is the priority of the Bayat Foudation. We have built 15 hospitals so far where more than one million mothers and children have been treated.”

the Bayat Foundation continues to be very active in Afghanistan by taking on many reconstruction projects, including hospitals, dormitories, schools, and mosques, by helping orphans and widows, and by holding activities to bring the people together.

Meanwhile, officials in the ministry of public health praised Bayat Foundation’s efforts in reconstructing the hospital; adding they consider the reconstruction and equipping of the hospital an effective step to improve the health system of the country.

One of the primary activities of the Bayat Foundation is expanding health care in Afghanistan for women and children. Afghanistan struggles with one of the highest infant mortality rates in the world. About 25 percent of children born in the country will die before reaching the age of five. More than half of these deaths result from treatable infections, which make them particularly tragic. To expand access to health care among mothers and their children, the Bayat Foundation has funded a number of hospital projects throughout the country.

Altogether, the Bayat Foundation’s medical facilities have served hundreds of thousands of patients, and the organization looks forward to watching this number grow.



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