BF, Distributes Nutritious Food to Mohammadia School

(Last Updated On: May 2, 2015)


As Bayat Foundation continues to its help and assistance this time the following foundation has distributed nourishing food for the students of the Mohammadia secondary school in Kabul city.

The following food has been distributed under the direct supervision of Bayat Foundation deputy Haji Mohammad Ismail.

Mohammadia secondary school is located at the west side of the capital city of Kabul which its students are coming from poor families could afford suitable food for their children to be capable to get proper education, students who were benefited from the Bayat Foundation assistance, have appreciated the helps.

Bayat Foundation deputy Haji Mohammad Ismail during the distribution insisted that we will continue to our assistance even in Provincial level.


Mohammadia secondary school head master Mohammad Asif said,” the following nourishing foods are vital for the proper growth of students to get smart.”

Bayat Foundation is willing to distribute more than 150,000 nutritious food for the students in the capital and Provinces of Afghanistan, based on the estimation of the world food program 12,6 million kids lose their life due to malnutrition.

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