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Bf assists dozen needy families from Ramandani aids in Kabul

(Last Updated On: June 24, 2016)


As the Bayat Foundation continued to provide assistances for the needy families in the country, this time the following foundation has provided some basic food from dozen poor families in Kabul city called Ramadani aids.

Deputy of Bayat Foundation Haji Mohammad Ismail said,” the following aid process will last till the end of Holy month of Ramadan, our main focus is the needy families to be assisted.”

One of the basic principle of the Holy month of Ramadan is to help and assist others, Bayat Foundation has continuously provided assistance from the beginning till the end of the Holy month of Ramadan for the needy families.

Deputy of the Bayat Foundation Haji Mohammad Islami said,” Our main focus will go to those needy families who are living under the current circumstance in the country, the deprived families who are living within the provinces will receive our aids soon.”

One of the people who received Bayat Foundation Ramadani assistance thanked Bayat Foundation for its assistance and demanded other wealth people to take the hands of poor families who are living around the city in Ramadan.

Bayat Foundation has been assisting the poor families in the past one decade in Afghanistan, provided basic foods.

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