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Bayat Foundation, Starkey launched 3rd Hearing Mission in Afghanistan

(Last Updated On: August 31, 2016)

3Bayat Foundation in cooperation with the Starkey Hearing Foundation have launched the 3rd hearing mission in Kabul, providing more than 1,000 hearing sets for the needy patients, specially children.

The Chairman of Bayat Foundation Eng, Ehsanollah Bayat said,” after installation of the hearing sets 60 percent of deaf will be capable to hear.”

Meanwhile first lady and officials from the Ministry of Public health have appreciated the efforts saying distributing of hearing sets for the needy persons has been effective.

Chairman of Bayat Foundation Eng, Ehsanollay Bayat said,” We are here to distribute more than 1000 hearing sets for those whom were born deaf or got deaf by different factors such as Natural disasters, war, explosions, when a girl hears her mother’s voice that is called a touchable change in her life.”

Member of the Starkey hearing foundation Brandon said,” Bayat Foundation and Starkey hearing foundation by the close initiatives have launched the following aid hearing mission to help Afghan deaf people in Afghanistan.”

First Afghan lady Rolah Ghani said,” This is everyone’s responsibility to provide aids for its countrymen as Bayat Foundation does.”

Officials in Ministry of Public health have appreciated the efforts is being made by both Bayat foundation and Starkey hearing foundation declaring the current aiding mission for deaf people is effective.

Deputy Minister of Public Health Ahmad John Naim said,” We witness the 3rd hearing aid mission, where most the elders specially the children have received hearing sets, our countrymen who didn’t hear, now they can hear different type of sounds from their surroundings.”

Meanwhile Deputy Minister of Commerce and Industry Qurban Haqjo said,” We witness the best aiding step is taken by Bayat Foundation, the following act indicates that a group of human beings in this society is trying to serve other members of the society to hear.”

Bayat Foundation has launched hearing aid mission in Afghanistan since 2014 and has distributed about 5000 hearing sets for the needy person’s especially Afghan children.

Bayat Foundation is one of the leading charitable organizations in Afghanistan, assisting destitute families throughout the country.

It has built dozens of orphanages, schools, hospitals, dormitories, religious places and educational centers in least developed areas of Afghanistan.


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