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Bayat Foundation Ramadan aid convoy reaches to Nangarhar

(Last Updated On: June 22, 2016)


Dozens of destitute families of the Jalal Abad city of Nangahar received aid relief from the Ramadan assistance program of the Bayat Foundation.

The Ramadan aid program of Bayat Foundation concluded as the Holy Month of Ramadan reached to its half. Hundreds of indigent families throughout the country received food, oil, and other supplies during the month of fasting.

The Ramadan aid program of the Bayat Foundation circulates across the country and has been an ongoing tradition for the last several years; bringing assistance to those who are unable to afford many of life’s basic requirements.

The deputy of Bayat Foundation, Haji Muhammad Ismaiel says the foundation tries to expand its aids to other parts of the country and cover more needy families of the country.

In the meantime, chairman of refugee department in Nangarhar said that the province has the most displaced people compared to the other provinces.

Praising Bayat Foundation’s efforts and assistances, Ghulam Haidar FaqirZai, chairman of refugee department in Nangarhar called on other charity organizations to help needy people all across the country.

Last year during the Holy Month of Ramadan, the Bayat Foundation helped more than one thousand deserving families in Nangarhar province. This year they provided food and other needed supplies to over one thousand two hundred families.

Since its beginning until now, the Bayat Foundation has provided aid to poor families and has also contributed significantly to the Afghan social, cultural, medical, educational, and religious infrastructure by building schools, hospitals, mosques and reconstruction projects.

Recognizing this challenging reality, the Bayat Foundation seeks to ease the pressure put on families in need by undertaking a range of different aid projects. One of the foundation’s ongoing projects involves food donations in the month of Ramadan.

By collecting items through food drives, the organization is able to deliver aid packages to families throughout Afghanistan. These packages typically include rice, noodles, tea, sugar, and flour.

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