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Bayat Foundation Launches Hearing Aid Mission

(Last Updated On: October 22, 2014)

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The Bayat Foundation has launched the hearing aid mission for the first time in Afghanistan distributing hearing aids to 500 deaf and/or hard-hearing people, mostly children.

The initiative was launched Tuesday for the first time in the country with the cooperation of Starkey hearing aid foundation.

The most exciting event for five hundred deaf people, mostly children, was attended by the chairman of Bayat Foundation Engineer Ehsanollah Bayat, head of Starkey foundation Bill Austin, executive director of Bayat Foundation Mrs. Fatima Laya Bayat, acting minister of public health Suraya Dalil, acting minister of labors, social affairs, martyrs and disabled, Amena Afzali and officials from government, Bayat Foundation, AWCC and Ariana Television.

At the event, acting minister Amena Afzali welcomed the assistance to disabled children as a valuable gift to the humanitarian, saying the people of Afghanistan are facing poverty and are unable to afford hearing devices.

She called on the government to have a special attention to the disabled citizens.

In his speech to the participants, the founder of Bayat Foundation Engineer Ehsanollah Bayat said that unfortunately, the disabled Afghans have been marginalized and have received less attention.

“The Bayat Foundation by the initiative of Mrs. Fatima Laya Bayat and with the cooperation of Starkey foundation has started for the first time assisting the deaf children. Bayat Foundation is committed to help those who have been marginalized in the country,” Engineer Ehsanollah Bayat noted.

Head of Starkey, Bill Austin, said at the event that they were committed to help deaf and/or hard-hearing people worldwide.

“Despite the security threats, we all came here to help the disabled people of Afghanistan,” Austin declared.

Bayat Foundation is one of the leading charitable organizations in Afghanistan, assisting destitute families throughout the country.

It has built dozens of orphanages, schools, hospitals, dormitories, religious places and educational centers in least developed areas of Afghanistan.

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