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Bayat Foundation Helps 5,000,000 Afghani to Panjshir Victims

(Last Updated On: March 2, 2015)


Bayat Foundation has helped 5,000,000 Afghan currencies for the remnants victims who have lost their love once at the recent Natural disaster in Panjshir Province.

After visiting ,the following aid was given by the Gen,Director of BF Eng, Ehsanollah Bayat to the Afghanistan CE officer Abdullah Abdullah as cash.

After appreciating Afghanistan CE Officer Abdullah Abdullah has thanked Bayat Foundation for providing such cash in the current needy condition, he urged that efforts are underway to review and reach the existed challenges for the residents of Panjshir province.

Eng.Ehsanollah Bayat said,” we wanted to provide more help through Bayat Foundation to the residents but due to limit information from the area ,we have decided to provide some amount of money as cash.”

Meanwhile Head of Afghan Wireless Communication Company AWCC Mohammad Amin Ramin said,” in order to serve and provide much better communication in between the villages and districts we have provided a mobile Telephone server to facilitate communication for those remote villages and districts in Panjshir Province.”

There are still life threats for those who are living in remote villages where their roads are blocked off by the stranded avalanches, efforts are underway to rescue those life being threatened by the heavy snow.


Reported by Wahid Nawisa

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