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Bayat Foundation Distributes Aid Winter to Government Press

(Last Updated On: January 30, 2017)

BAYAT_MATBA_30_01_2017_DARI_SOT.mpg_snapshot_00.03_[2017.01.30_16.51.33]Continuing to the Bayat Foundation winter aid distribution, this time the BF convoy reached to the Government Press.

Chairman of the Bayat Foundation says these aids include food, winter clothing which will be sufficient for two months of a family.

“These aid distribution can be a symbol for others who have the ability to help the needy people and help families,” said chairman of the Bayat Foundation, Eng. Ehsanullah Bayat.

Praising the Bayat Foundation’s efforts and assists, the chairman of Government Press said the employees of this organization are too much and the Bayat Foundation did a great job in this cold season.

“We proud that we have such charity organization like the Bayat Foundation in our country,” said Muhammad Zia Bom, chairman of the government press.

The recievers of aids have also praised the asssitance of the Bayat Foundation.

“We thank Mr. Bayat for his assistances in this cold season and we will always pray for him,” said Shakila, one of the employees.

Since its beginning until now, the Bayat Foundation has provided aid to poor families and has also contributed significantly to the Afghan social, cultural, medical, educational, and religious infrastructure by building schools, hospitals, mosques and reconstruction projects.

Recognizing this challenging reality, the Bayat Foundation seeks to ease the pressure put on families in need by undertaking a range of different aid projects. One of the foundation’s ongoing projects involves food donations in the month of Ramadan.

By collecting items through food drives, the organization is able to deliver aid packages to families throughout Afghanistan. These packages typically include rice, noodles, tea, sugar, and flour.

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