Bayat Foundation Begins Second Round of Helping Deaf Persons

(Last Updated On: January 19, 2015)

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Bayat Foundation has began the second round of helping deaf persons by providing health care services in Kabul the capital city of Afghanistan.

The Bayat Foundation deputy Haji Mohammad Ismail has said,” this time we will provide health care services for 1000 persons and soon we will begin covering the needy persons in provincial level.”

The only language that deaf persons could talk to is the body language, and imaging the pictures of something.

Deaf persons are part of the society where none of the persons received helps in the past several years.

At the first step the health care providers trying to inch up the ears of the deaf persons then to install ear listeners.

One of the doctors Mohammad Mastoor Paya has declared their challenges serious, and helping deaf persons by the Bayat Foundation is huge hope for needy persons.

For the first time the new plot helping deaf persons in the country has began with help of US Starkey Foundation and Bayat Foundation cooperation where more than 1000 needy persons from the two deaf schools in the capital city of Kabul.



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