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Bayat Foundation Awards 15 Full Scholarships To Afghan Students

(Last Updated On: May 13, 2019)

The Bayat Foundation provides fifteen fully-funded scholarships to qualified candidates to study Information Technology and Computer Science at the American University of Afghanistan (AUAF) in Kabul.

On Monday, around 178 candidates participated in an open competition where 15 candidates with the highest scores will be selected at the end of the process.

Atifa Hassani, the Program Manager of the Foundation said the program provides an opportunity for intelligent students who are suffering from economic problems to attain a bachelor degree at the AUAF.

“There were a lot of applicants but 178 candidates found their way to the final exam,” said Mohammad Ismail, Deputy of the Bayat Foundation.

“We are very very excited about the Bayat scholars program because it is given an opportunity to candidates from all over Afghanistan to become leaders in Information Technology,” said Dr. Maria del Mar de Fez Laso, the Chair and Professor of the Science, Technology, and Mathematics Division of the AUAF.

She added that an Information Technology professional will have three options to get a job as he or she graduates.

The Foundation launched “The Bayat Scholars Program” at the AUAF late on April.

The mission of the Program is to build a new generation of highly skilled and exceptional Afghan IT professionals, who will lead Afghanistan’s technological innovation and entrepreneurship in the years ahead.

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