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Bayat Foundation Awards 10 IT Scholarships to Students at AUAF

(Last Updated On: August 5, 2019)

The Bayat Foundation has awarded scholarships to ten students to pursue their bachelor’s degree in the faculty of Information Technology (IT) at the American University of Afghanistan.

“I am assured that you all know which the Bayat Foundation has provided ten scholarships to top youth in cooperation with the American University of Afghanistan for the upcoming semester,” said Ehsanullah Bayat, Chairman fo the Bayat Foundation. 

Only ten applicants could win the scholarships after passing a very competitive process of selection in which 250 students were intensively competing with each other.

“You can take Afghanistan towards a bright future. I believe that you as talented and creative youth are the next innovators of Google or Facebook. The mission of the Bayat Foundation scholarships is to provide the educational opportunity for the new Afghan generation in the field of IT,” said Liah Bayat, the Project Director of the Bayat Foundation.

According to Mr. Bayat, the scholarships will include other fields in addition to IT in the next years.

“The learning opportunity of web designing, database designing and administration will be provided to the students. Much thanks to Mr. Ehsanullah Bayat for providing the opportunity for ten people to study at the American University of Afghanistan,” said Zabihullah Aqib, the representative of AUAF. 

“I want to especially thank you all at the Bayat Foundation for the scholarships,” said Mohaddesa Noori, a winner of the scholarship.

The scholarships recipients appreciate the efforts made by the Bayat Foundation for providing educational opportunities for youth.

They demand more cooperation of the Bayat Foundation in other fields in the future.

“When I was studying at high school, studying at the American University of Afghanistan was a dream for me. I was so much excited when I got to know that I have made it,” said Farhat Joyan, a scholarship winner.

“It was a very beautiful moment when I checked my email account an got to know that I have passed. I broke the glass due to super excitement,” said Mohammad Naser Muradi, a scholarship winner.

This comes as the Bayat Institute of Technology was built three years ago by the Bayat Foundation in the AUAF campus.

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