Barriers Still Exist Against Importing Commodities in Ports: ACCI

(Last Updated On: February 24, 2017)

2Officials in Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI) have complained over barriers against importing commodities from abroad saying despite we are connected by rail lines, but there is still no standard system in ports, no loading trade code determined yet, Afghan businessmen face problems while dumping the goods.

Deputy of the Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Industry Shafiqllah Attayee said, “We should sign business and transit memorandum of Understanding with Asian countries, specific parking lot should be determined, capacity should be raised.”

Meanwhile officials in Ministry of Commerce and Industry by confirming the issue said efforts are underway to resolve the issue at the earliest.

Deputy Minister of Commerce and Industry Mohammad Qurban Haqjo said, “We are ready to sign memorandum of understanding with Asian countries, and soon will be signed, negotiation was made with an Independent rail administrative over determining of the loading codes.”

Economy experts declared the main reason for slow work is poor capacity within the Governmental body, according to their remarks necessary reformation should be launched in Government departments.

Reported by: Aslam Hejaab

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