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Barakzai: Independent Budgetary Unit for CEO Office violates the Law

(Last Updated On: April 22, 2015)

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Afghan Parliament failed to vote for the Chief Executive Office of Afghanistan and the cabinet secretariat as Independent administrative budgetary units on Wednesday due to the lack of the quorum in the House.

A member of the house called the Chief Executive Office against the law, but the House Speaker responded saying the National Unity Government is the only solution to rescue Afghanistan from the crisis.

Shukria Barakzai a member of the House said,” Where does the Chief Executive Office is mentioned in the law? So we can accept it as an independent budgetary unit, we must not violate the law because of the political interests.

Barakzai remarks were responded harshly by the House Speaker and a large number of the lawmakers.

The House Speaker Abdul Rauf Ebrahimi responded with the question,” This is correct. The CEO office is against the law, but where does the National Unity Government formation is mentioned in the law?

Sadeqizada Nili nother member of the House highlighted,” If the CEO office is illegitimate, then the whole system is not legitimate”.

After long verbal tensions and hot discussions between the lawmakers, they still failed to reach in a conclusion to accept the CEO office and the Cabinet secretary as Independent administrative budgetary units.

Reported by: Abdul Aziz Karimi

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