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Bamyan to Be Named as Center for Culture and Civilization

(Last Updated On: August 16, 2014)

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First vice President Mohammad Unnis Qanuni said,” terrorism caused huge challenges against the developments of culture activities, during his speech on the opening of the conference which was cooperated by SAARK hoped the SAARK members of the countries begin combating terrorism as their priority.”

Bamyan Province is having a lot of ancient antiquities, and called as center of the culture and religious, civilization therefore it was chosen as the center of culture and civilization, and Taliban has bombed the huge statues of Buddha and destroyed several others ancient works in Bamyan Province.

Minister of Culture and Information sayed Makhdom Rahin said,”Bamyan cultural programs should be accelerated, which paves more opportunities for tourists to visit our country specially such ancient places.”

Meanwhile Bamyan Governor Ghulam Ali Wadat has entitled an important step calling his province as the center of culture and civilization saying the development programs supported by the SAARK countries members will be implemented by coming January 2015.

Mentionable that Bamyan will be named officially as the center of culture and civilization by the SAARK countries members on 2015.

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