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Balkh PC Member Asif Momand Sentenced to Over Five Years in Jail

(Last Updated On: January 10, 2018)

Balkh Provincial Council (PC) member Mohammad Asif Momand along with two senior government officials have been sentenced to prison, following a primary court’s decision on Wednesday.

Jamshid Rasooli, Spokesman of Attorney General Office said that the primary court of Anti-Corruption Justice Centre has sentenced Asif Momand, and Dayee-ul-Haq Abid the Deputy Minister of Hajj and Religious Affairs to five years and two months in jail, while Abdul Rahman Ahmadzai, Former Hajj and Religious Affairs Director for Kabul has convicted to three years in prison.

According to Rasooli, the officials have been convicted on charges of forging documents and misuse of authority.

This comes months after Asif Momand had claimed that Atta Mohammad Noor, Former Governor of Balkh province, along with his private militiamen have arrested and tortured him, when he accused him of massive corruption. However, Noor’s office had rejected Momand’s allegations.

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