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Badakhshan’s Lazuli, Gold Mines Being Extracted by ‘Taliban, Irresponsible People’

(Last Updated On: September 2, 2017)

Revenues of two major lapis lazuli and gold mines being collected by the Taliban and irresponsible armed people in northern Badakhshan province, local officials said Saturday.

Irresponsible armed people collecting revenues of lapis lazuli mine Karano Manjan district of the province since years, instead of going to government’s depleting coffers, according to the Provincial Governor.

Known for its beautiful gleaming blue color and harness, the precious stone is used in jewelries as well as designs of unique and sprawling houses worldwide.

“The Government has the plan to soon take control of the mine from them,” the Provincial Governor, Ahmad Faisal Begzad said.

Following the matter, Badakhshan’s Police Chief said that the Taliban are extracting 10 percent of gold mine annually in Raghistan district of the province as the government has no control over the mine.

“The Taliban extracting gold mine of Raghistan with basic facilities and the situation is worrying,” as it fuels the militants against the government.

However, some analysts believe the Taliban has external resources for their support instead of heavily relying on the revenues of mines in Afghanistan.

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