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B52 Bombers Kill Over 10 IS Militants in Jawzjan

(Last Updated On: February 7, 2018)

Over 10 terrorists were killed after a hideout of Islamic State or Daesh bombarded by B52 aircrafts in Darzab district of the northern Jawzjan province, Afghan 209 Military Corps reported.

The military corps also noted that foreign nationals were also among the dead terrorist who had been targeted in Sardarah area of Darzab district.

Afghan forces and their U.S. allies have significantly bolstered the air campaign against Islamic State terror group, locally known as Daesh, recently in the north of the country.

The terrorists bases and hideouts have been targeted two times over the course of last month by Afghan air forces and their U.S. allies.

The airstrikes have reportedly killed more than 70 terrorists and wounded nearly 40 others so far.

Jawzjan in the north of the country came under a focused and planned siege of Islamic State terrorists in recent months which was followed by huge airstrikes of Afghan and U.S. forces.

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