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AWCC Staffs Come Around As Blood Donation Process Continues

(Last Updated On: August 9, 2015)


Afghan Wireless Communication Company AWCC staffs have donated blood for the recent terrorist attacks injuries, the attacks which was taken place in less than 24 hours in the capital city of Kabul.

More than hundred of the AWCC staffs including the head management have donated blood,our blood donation means to condemn the recent terrorist attacks carried out by Taliban in Kabul the capital city of Afghanistan.

Head of the AWCC Mohammad Amin Ramin said,” due of the terrorist attacks has been intensified in Kabul, we have come together to donate our blood and somehow help those injuries of the bloody attacks in Kabul city.”

Deputy of Bayat Foundation Haji Mohammad Ismail said,” I m here to donate my blood for those injuries and person needs blood.”

AWCC Eng, Wali also said,” it’s our obligation to help and assist those who needs blood.”

Among the men, women who are working for AWCC are seen who have lined to donate their blood for the needy persons.

Shaqaiq AWCC worker said,” we have come to donate our blood to those injuries of the recent terrorist attacks in Kabul,”

The other female blood donator Khadija said,” we cant do nothing but to donate our blood to those needy persons.”

Head of the blood bank department Ahmad Masoud Rahmani said,” so far we have been capable to bank about 45000,00 Cc that means we have no problem providing bloods for the injuries of the recent attacks in Kabul city.”

After Taliban have launched terrorist attacks in the capital city of Kabul where more than 50 civilians and military forces were killed and hundreds of others were injured and dozens of residential houses were destroyed, have come together to donate blood.

Reported by Farah Naz Frotan


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