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Awcc presents 3G internet services to its customers

(Last Updated On: December 15, 2014)


Officials in Afghan Wireless Communication Company Awcc said,” we provide standard World services to our every single customers across Afghanistan.”

Acting Ministry of Technology and information Barialay Hessam said,”the Awcc 3G will provide better internet services in the country.”

Head of the AWCC Amin Ramin during the inauguration ceremony has said,” we will expand internet services by presenting 3G full speed internet in Afghanistan.”

Mr Barialya Hessam during his speech said,” Afghan Wireless Communication Company has always tried to provide internet services with great quality for its customers.”

The lower house secretariat Eng,Sayed Ikram has admired the AWCC activities and thanked it because of opening jobs opportunities for Afghans in Afghanistan.

Its said that Afghan Wireless Communication Company AWCC is the first and biggest communication company in Afghanistan which is actively providing communication services and internet in 34 provinces and has 4 million customers.



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