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Avalanches Took the Life 40 Residents in Panjshir, Parwan

(Last Updated On: February 25, 2015)


Officials in Department of Fighting against Natural disasters have said,” as the results of several avalanches came through in Panjshir Province 31 local residents lost their life and in Parwan Province 13 residents have lost their life and a number of others still under the avalanches.”

Meanwhile the head of Provincial council member Najeebullah Yaqoobi said,” avalanches have come down in several districts of Panjshir Province and took the life of dozens and numbers of the local residents are disappeared under the heavy snow falls and the following Natural disaster has cut off the related roads of all districts to the main city.”

Deputy of Natural disaster Mohammad Aslam Sias said,” heavy snow falls have caused huge avalanches come down to the several districts of Panjshir Province which took the life 31 in Panjshir 13 in Parwan , life saver teams have been deployed to the areas to save those are facing serious life threats and it has also cut off the roads related to the main city, efforts are underway to open the ways for paving the better ways of saving lifes.”

Though the following officials had stated that they have full preparation of for upcoming winter disasters in the country still the Natural disaster has taken the life dozens and hundreds to be disappeared.

Reported by Rafi Sediqee

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