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Authorities of CEO delayed new cabinet: President Ghani

(Last Updated On: December 6, 2014)


The first reason behind delaying the new cabinet formation was discussions on the authorities of the Chief Executive Officer, President Ashraf Ghani declared during an interview with BBC.

He added, after the formation of the National Unity Government there were a lot of regulations needed to be reviewed in order to define the Chief Executive authorities and now it is resolved.

“Second reason was the standards, there were a lot of comments regarding the cabinet members who used to manage different positions during the last 13 years and finally we have generally agreed to introduce quite new faces for the new administration, President Ghani said, the third point was reviewing the structure of the ministries.”

Despite the statements being made by the President the Acting Minister of Finance and Economic Advisor of the President, Omar Zakhilwal said,” We call a federal government as the National Unity Government and in a federal government the two authorities must come to an agreement which is mostly very difficult.”

On the other hand a number of legislators and political experts believe that there are still disagreements on the nominees for the new cabinet, but they must introduce the new cabinet to Wolesi Jirga between another two or four weeks as promised.

The new government is almost two and half months old but yet the new cabinet to be introduced.

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