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Afghanistan should have new president in 15 days: Karzai

President Hamid Karzai said Thursday that Afghanistan should have new leadership and president in the next 15 days. President Karzai pointed to negative impacts of prolonged run-off polls over people’s ordinary life and security, said that the result of the election should be announced according to assigned schedule and Afghanistan …

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5 policemen killed in Helmand

A security source on condition of anonymity has said that Thursday night in Helmand-Kandahar highway route, 5 policemen were killed by a man who was a guest in that headquarters. According to the source, the killer has taken all weapons of the killed policemen and has escaped. Taliban has not …

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US to assist 212 armored cars to ANA

The ministry of defense (MoD) said on Thursday that the US has assured to assist 212 armored vehicles by the end of the year 2014 to Afghanistan. Spokesman of the ministry of defense, General Zahir Azimi said that the assistance of these armored vehicles will be a good step for …

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Violence against journalists increase by 60 %

Afghan Journalist Safety Committee has said that that violence against journalists has increased by 60 percent in recent months. The committee warned that if this situation continues the freedom of speech will be in a serious danger. They added that most of some of the powerful and security officials are …

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Powerful the main perpetrators of Bacha Bazi: HRC

Some of the armed commanders, powerful and local police are the main perpetrators of sexual slavery in Afghanistan, said Human Rights commission. The Human Rights commission is said to concern over the increasing of this phenomenon, saying those who use teenager boys as child prostitution and sexual slavery are the …

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Interfering continues on Election Process:IEC

Independent Election Commission IEC officials have said, “Hands still out there trying to disarrange the second round of the Presidential Election in Afghanistan.” The deputy of the IEC urged that investigation continues to find more information on the physical clashes among the campaigners occurred. However, the Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai campaigners …

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Futsal Refereeing Seminar ends in Afghanistan

FIFA federation launched a seminar for Afghan futsal referees based on the Afghanistan football federation demand the following seminar ended last week. The Futsal committee of Afghanistan football federation after receiving much training has begun some training for referees across the country. FIFA federation futsal instructor Sayed Sadrudding Mosavi who …

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