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Coronavirus spreads to Europe

The deadly coronavirus spreads to Europe from Italy. Recently, Italy has been considered one of the worst-affected countries with having more than 300 cases and 11 deaths from coronavirus. Public health ministers from France, Germany, Italy and the EU commission pledged to keep borders open in order to hold discussions …

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Brothers kill by roommates in Kabul

Two brothers were killed by their roommates Monday night in PD^18 of Dasht-e-Barchi, Kabul city, police said. The incident took place in the Naqash area of Dasht-e-Barchi, where the victims had rented a sharing room with two others at a dormitory. The victims – Dallawar, Hadi – were students and …

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Government district governor taken captive by Taliban – Samangaan

Taliban abducted the governor of Dara-e-Sof district of Samangaan on Monday. Local sources in Samangan, reported by Chapaar correspondent, say that Ahamd Ali Hussaini district governor of Dara-e-Sof was taken as captive Monday by Taliban in Chipchel district, Darah-e-Paeen, Samangaan province. Muneer Rahimi spokesman of Samangaan Police confirmed the abduction …

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US wants Ghani to postpone inauguration

The United States wants the Afghan President Ashraf Ghani to defer his second-term inauguration over concerns it could inflame an election feud with his political rival and jeopardize US-led peacemaking efforts, Reuters, Monday, reported based on the two sources familiar with the matter. Based on the IEC results, Ghani claimed …

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13 incidents in first 3 days of RIV: MoI

The Interior Ministry said that at least three Afghan forces were killed and eight others wounded on the third day of the week-long term “reduction in violence” (RiV) in Helmand, Balkh and Samangan provinces. The seven-day reduction in violence between the Afghan and foreign forces and the Taliban militants began …

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Ghani to take oath of office as president Thursday

President Ghani in a decree has ordered a high government commission to take preparation for his oath-taking ceremony for the president due on Thursday. According, to the decree Matin Baig, the head of Independent Directorate of Local Governance, and Ghulam Bahuddin Jilani, Head of Parwan’s Provincial Council have been appointed …

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