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Kabul Citizens Live in Fear: Residents

Anti-government armed militant group’s recent insurgency activities have concerned the people in Kabul city to accuse the National Unity Government for being too reckless. A number of Kabul citizens interviewed by Ariana News correspondent said that they were hoping for a better and secure future after the formation of new …

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Taliban (S) Poppet for ISI: Senate House

Senators in the upper house of the parliament have said,” Taliban are the poppet of Pakistan inter-Intelligent Services ISI targeting human beings, and holy places without any clue of Islam in Afghanistan.” A number of the members in the senate house of the parliament have expressed their concerns over spreading …

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Both Afghan leaders made final agreement on cabinet

Finally, Afghan National Unity Government leaders made a compromise to share the power equally, Officials said. President’s Spokesman, Nazifullah Salarzai confirmed the report during a phone call with Ariana News and said,” A complete compromise has been made on the new cabinet.” He concluded the agreement being made are as …

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Power sharing deal agreed for new cabinet

Finally, Afghan National Unity Government leaders made a compromise to divide 24 ministries equally. A member of the National Unity Government speaking on the condition of anonymity with Ariana News said,” They have shared the power equally based on 50-50 percent deal.” President Ghani will introduce the members for key …

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Afghanistan to Access lots of goods with low costs: MoIC

Officials in Ministry of Commerce and industry have urged that by implementing the TIR policy Afghanistan will have access to a lot of international goods with low costs. Afghan business men have welcomed that new policy for exchanging of the goods from Afghanistan to International countries. “Transports Internationaux Routiers” or …

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