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President Ashraf Ghani arrives in Pakistan

President Ashraf Ghani arrived in Pakistan on Friday to visit Pakistani officials   and discuss  peace talks with Taliban and strengthening ties with Pakistan. Pakistan’s foreign ministry has said that president Ashraf Ghani will hold talks with Pakistan Prime minister, Nawaz Sharif about Kabul-Islamabad ties, economic cooperation, border security and fight …

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2 members of Haqqani Network arrest in Paktia

Paktia security commander has announced about the arrest of 2 members of Haqqani network on Thursday. Zulmay Oria Khail, Paktia security commander confirmed the incident, saying one of the arrested armed oppositions was nominated for head district of the province. He added the arrested armed oppositions were also involved in …

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Taliban shut schools in Nangahar

The armed oppositions of the government have threatened the schools teachers to not go to school in one of the districts of Nangahar province. Fazil Ahmad Sherzad, security commander of Nangahar province has said that a number of armed oppositions of the government prevented schools teachers to not go to …

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ADB pledges $ 56.6m for Afghanistan flood-hit areas

Asia Development Bank (ADB) and Britain Development Department on Tuesday announced $ 56.6m aid for flood-hit areas of Afghanistan. The aid agreement signed Tuesday between the Asia development Bank officials and the ministry of finance officials. Officials in the ministry of finance said that much of the aids will be …

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